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Friendly, traditional & wild

About Hopkins

Locally recognized as the culture capital, Hopkins is home to the friendly Garifuna culture. It's surrounded by lush rainforest and the majestic Maya mountains. Just 30 minutes away from Hopkins, you can visit Cockscomb Basin, a jaguar reserve with the best hiking trails and pristine waterfalls.

How To Get To Hopkins

  • There are no direct flights to Hopkins.
  • The closest airport is Dangriga Town (DGA) which is a 40-minute drive from Hopkins.
  • A One-way flight from Belize City (TZA) to Dangriga (DGA) takes 15 minutes.
  • A One-way flight from Belize City (TZA) to Dangriga (DGA) ranges from $75โ€”$150 USD per person.
  • The only two domestic airlines are Maya Island Air & Tropic Air
  • Shared shuttles from Belize Airport to Hopkins are roughly $160 USD for two persons minimum.
  • Private shuttles from Belize Airport to Hopkins roughly start at $200 USD.
  • From Belize City, the main highways leading to hopkins are the Western Highway, Hummingbird Highway and Southern Highway.
  • The car drive from Belize City to Hopkins is roughly 2.5 hours.
  • As of 2022, the Coastal Highway is still incomplete and I recommend avoiding it despite Google Maps suggesting it.
  • There are no direct buses to Hopkins.
  • From the airport, you can take a taxi ride to the main bus terminal in Belize City for $30.00 USD per group.
  • If you're a backpacker on a tight budget, you can walk up to the bus stop in Ladyville (30 minutes) and then wait for a bus that takes you to Belize City.
  • From Belize City, take a bus ride towards Punta Gorda. The bus trip will take you through Belmopan, Dangriga and then your stop is at the Hopkins Junction. Tell the bus conductor that this will be your stop.
  • After reaching Hopkins Junction, you'll have to take a short 6-minute taxi valued at $5.00 USD per person.
  • The bus ride from Belize City to Hopkins is about 3.5 hours in total.
  • Alternatively, hithchiking to Hopkins Village is very common. If you're a backpacker, this is a viable option.
  • Read Belize Bus for more information about bus schedules.

Explore Hopkins

Frequent Questions

How long do I need in Hopkins?

If you're looking to get a good feel of the village and visiting the two nearby national parks, three days should be enough.

When is the best time to visit Hopkins?

High season (tourism peak) is between October & June which is when the weather is best. Avoid this period if you don't like crowds.

Is Hopkins safe?

Hopkins is known as the friendliest village in Belize. Given it's a touristy place, it's very safe walking the streets during the day and even at night.

Where is Hopkins in Belize?

Hopkins is located on the eastern coast of Belize. It's roughly 3 hours away from Belize City by bus/car.

How do I get from Belize Airport to Hopkins?

From the Belize airport, take a taxi to Belize City. From Belize City take a bus or shuttle to Dangriga and stop at the Hopkins Junction where you can take a taxi or hitchhike to Hopkins.