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According to the marketing, Hopkins is known as the friendliest village in Belize

Known as the culture capital, Hopkins is home to the friendly Garifuna culture. It's surrounded by lush rainforest, Mayan Mountains and easy access rivers, waterfalls & reserves.

Just 30 minutes away from Hopkins, you can visit Cockscomb basin, a jaguar reserve with over a dozen hiking trails, waterfalls, and the king of the rainforest himself.

Brief History Lesson

Before Hopkins got its name, it was called Yugadan, named after a woman from Uganda who lived here with her daughters in the 1800s. The village was then renamed to Hopkins to pay respect to a priest from Dangriga.

Fun Fact: There are roughly a 1000 villagers living in Hopkins.

The village hosts its own holiday known to locals as Garifuna Settlement Day which is celebrated annually on November 19. The festivities include a reenactment of their arrival to Belize on canoes with their food, tools, and children.

Frequent Questions

How long do you need in Hopkins? If you're looking to get a good feel of the village and visiting the two nearby national parks, three days should be enough.

When is the best time to visit Hopkins? High season (tourism peak) is between October & June which is when the weather is best. Avoid this period if you don't like crowds.

Is Hopkins safe? Hopkins is known as the friendliest village in Belize. Given it's a touristy place, it's very safe walking the streets during the day and even at night. Check our local travel tips for safety advice.

Where is Hopkins in Belize? Hopkins is located on the eastern coast of Belize. It's roughly 3 hours away from Belize City by bus/car.

How far is Hopkins from Placencia? Hopkins is roughly 2 hours and 15 mins away from Placencia by bus/car.

Are there buses from Placencia to Hopkins? Buses don't travel directly to Hopkins. They stop at a bypass that's at the entrance of a village which is then 5 minutes away by taxi. There are buses from Dangriga to Placencia offered by Richie's Bus Line

How to get from Belize airport to Hopkins? From the Belize airport, take a taxi, shuttle or walk to the highway intersection and take a bus to Belize City. From Belize City take a bus to Dangriga and stop at the Hopkins Junction where you can take a taxi or hitchhike to Hopkins. For more information, read our transportation guide with daily bus routes.

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