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Why this blog exists

My mission is to share real information about my country based on first-hand experiences.

You can expect honest travel stories with a healthy balance of the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. As a local and a backpacker myself, I hope my writing extremely helpful.

To support this project, you can donate or hire me to help with your trip.

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What is nayawalk?

Being on the road for over two years taught me to be conscious of my consumption habits. So, I wanted to share all the stuff I learned.

The word naya seemed fitting since it means wisdom, guiding and with purpose in Sanskrit.

In a nutshell, this project is about travel with purpose.

How this blog is different

Sadly, many blogs are just carbon copy templates riddled with ads, questionable sponsors, and affiliate links to things you don't need to buy.

That doesn't align with my values so you won't find any unethical ads or data tracking on this site.

Anything promoted on this website will be personally endorsed.