In 2018, I decided to take a backpacking trip around Latin America. After hosting many travelers in Belize, my heart and mind opened like a big red balloon. I sold almost all my belongings, cut all my attachments, and took off. I left home without a plan. Kinda cliché right?

But it was bloody amazing.

My two-year trip took me to the USA 🇺🇸, Guatemala 🇬🇹, Mexico 🇲🇽, Colombia 🇨🇴 Ecuador 🇪🇨, and Peru 🇵🇪.

Why I write

During my trip, I started writing as a form of journaling for my friends and family. That eventually became complete travel guides about my country written just for them.

Regardless of what I write about, I try to stick to one truth: authenticity, authenticity and more authenticity.

Everything I share with you will be as unfiltered, unbiased and impartial as humanly possible with the sole intention of expanding our collective knowledge.

What to expectWhat NOT to expect
unbiased recommendationsbiased reviews to get affiliate money
ethical & kind suggestionsmainstream & big company suggestions
a local's perspectivea privileged touristic opinion
practical travel tipscliché travel suggestions

Consciencious & low impact

My travels taught me to be conscious of my consumption habits. Besides being plant-based to be kinder to the world, I do the same in the digital world.

Who would have thought that the internet is powered by electricity? And, that electricity in turn generates massive amounts of CO2 if it's not renewable.

Here's what I do to lower my carbon footprint for this site:

  • using almost no javascript which is heavy on resources
  • meticulously optimizing images on the site
  • built the site on static HTML instead of wordpress
  • heavy focus on user experience and design

To prove I'm not lying, check out the website carbon footprint for this website.

Ethics & digital privacy

Sadly, many blogs are written with the sole purpose making as much money as possible by being riddled with ads, questionable sponsors and links to things you don't need to buy.

Is this bad? No, everyone needs to eat, but there are ethical ways of sourcing what you consume. The internet can be a filthy place especially when it comes to big monopolistic companies mining your data.

Here's my way of cleaning up the web with this site:

  • does not track you nor collect your cookies
  • does not use g00gle analytics
  • does not use f@cebook scripts

In summary, by using this website, you are supporting a more ethical, privacy-conscious and sustainable alternative. Win-win for everyone.

What nayawalk means

Sanskrit word Naya ( नय ) literally means wisdom. This journal is a personal collection of some experiences on my walk through this very interesting life reality.


I'm still figuring out how to monetize it while staying aligned to my core values. But in the meantime, I'm sharing everything with you, because I genuinely enjoy it.

If you found any of this information useful, you can support the writer by donating or just send a thank you message at hola[at]nayawalk[dot]com :)