Hitchhiking in Belize is Easy (Tips From a Hitchhiker)

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view of rainforest from pickup truck on highway
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If you've never hitchhiked in your life, Belize is going to be a good first time.

Hitchhiking in Belize is easy because the country has a simple highway system, tons of speed bumps, pickup trucks on the road, and friendly people that love tourists. All you need is some patience and a big smile.

Belize is designed for hitchhiking

Here a few reasons why:

  1. Belize is very tiny. This means you'll probably reach your destination with lots of daylight left.
  2. There are lots of pickup trucks. This is a hitchhiker's best friend in my opinion.
  3. Speed bumps are everywhere. Bumps are the best waiting spot to wait for a ride.
  4. Locals love tourists! A lot of people especially in the west work in the tourism industry.
  5. Only five highways country wide. With so little highways, your success rates immediately shoots up.
  6. Locals do it to get to work. It's very common to see laborers stand by intersections waiting for pickup trucks.
  7. Lots of people own cars. It's a phenomenon, but it's likely because we're influence by our U.S. American neighbors.

My top hitchhiking tips

These are solely based on my experience hitchhiking in my own country.

  1. Be an early bird. Lots of people go to work early, and they normally have lots of room in their car.
  2. Look like a backpacker. People are curious about tourists so try to highlight it and share your story on the way.
  3. Hitchhike on weekends. Locals love going to rivers, waterfalls and travel more on weekends in general.
  4. Travel with a partner. Two is the magic number. Couples get a lot of preference because it seems safer.
  5. Smile... If you've ever hitchhiked, you know this is the universal language of humans. Happiness, show it!

Is it safe?

If you're asking this question, you probably aren't ready to try it. My best advice is to do it with someone that has done it before. Driving is dangerous. Taking a taxi can be dangerous. It's all about perceived danger in my opinion. Some children walk through landmine zones to get to school. It's all relative.

Remember hitchhiking is like any other adventurous sport, it feels sketchy the first time. But then it starts feeling easier and even safer overtime. Overtime, you'll push boundaries and hitchhike buses, pickups, tractors and even eighteen wheelers!

Just remember to follow your instincts.

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