White Bear

· 1 min read

So I read about this white bear syndrome thing lately.

Ever since I went through this enlightenment phase, I find myself making connections with stuff I feel and stuff I think, and it all just makes fcking sense now.

My friend paid for a test at Gallup Strength Center and it told me that being strategic is one of my top five skills which means I can see patterns where most people see complexity and blablabla.

So white bear syndrome is basically this: Don't think of a white bear... Now you're thinking of a fcking white bear. God-damn it.

This likely means that if you tell yourself or someone else something negative, you're likely causing them to think negatively.

The brain removes the don't think part and visualizes the other part. So if you think about getting out of debt, you're still thinking about debt still.

In my context, this kinda explains the law of attraction as well which I talked about earlier.

So what's the moral of the story?

Focus on stuff you want to have more of. Period.


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