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So I've spoken about how amazing couchsurfing is, but I doubt I've spoken much about the weird and bad experiences I had. Most of them were with gay guys that wanted to hit on me, but some were a little different. Prepare yourself!


On my first trip, I went to Guatemala for about two weeks and my very first host sent me a message saying he can host me with very little explanation. That was the red flag maybe? Well at least that's how I can tell that hosts just look at me like a little piece of meat and not a human being or a friend ha.

It started off relatively normal but the later it got that night, the more he started to give me compliments about my legs and my hands which made me feel a tad bit uncomfortable. I was in a good frequency at that time since it was my first trip, so I calmly diverted the comment. No big deal. But then it escalated quickly after he offered himself if I wanted to have my first REAL GAY EXPERIENCE haha. It was so fcking smooth the way he presented it too. I'll give him that.

I kindly declined of course saying that I understand he feels a certain way right now, but sadly I'm not attracted to men and that maybe in the future that will change but for now I very much enjoy women HAHA! It was a smooth exit on my part too I think. On to the next story.


This second story is a little more intense, but I guess intense is relative. On my second trip, I went to Costa Rica for a festival and had five days to explore the city after the festival, so I stayed with five different hosts. One of the hosts was and older guy that was 51 years old and offered to host me. How the hell wasn't that a red flag haha. I was such a newbie and wanted to learn anything and everything I guess.

So after that we chatted a bit on whatsapp, he mentioned that he's gay and that if I would like to stay with another host, it's totally cool. Now I have nothing against gay people. We're all just human beings, so I told him it's totally cool and that I don't care. I'm guessing he took that as a green light to do whatever lol.

It's funny how I take this as a joke, but it does get a bit intense and I did learn a huge lesson here. The first day he literally cooked food and left it ready for me on the table which I thought was amazing. He was a superb chef after all. So everything was cool but on the second day he invited me to go watch a movie in his room. RED FLAG!!! Oddly I agreed since he was so nice to me.

He started asking me stories about me, and he started caressing my hand. I genuinely thought it was his way of conversing since he was a teacher for kids, but then he moved on to my upper leg which is when I fcking felt super uncomfortable. I kindly excused myself to go wash my plate and then told him I'd go to bed. A few minutes later he sent me a message saying that if I felt cold and uncomfortable in my room, that I could go up with him.

NOPE. I didn't reply to that text message haha. The next day I left, and I requested to stay with all female hosts for the rest of my trip haha.

So the big lesson I learned is that feeling like a piece of meat feels like shit, and now I knew exactly how women felt when men did that to them. After that experience, I was never pushy with women again especially while being a host. Now I know how that feels like. Empathy acquired.


That's enough of guys trying to hit on me. I mean shit, I'm not even that good-looking lol. I think I give off a gay vibe because of the way I look, dress and carry myself. I have no idea.

The third story has nothing to do with queer guys, but instead it has to do with a French guy that uses couchsurfing for free accommodation.

He showed up and seemed very interesting. He had a bunch of positive references on the application as well. His traveling had taken him all over the world for a really long time, so I figured he had some interesting perspectives on life.

Well, here's what happened. He stayed for five days at my house, and he literally showered once in that entire period lol!!! Fck, this guy was the cliché definition of a French guy haha. Moreover, he never cooked or went out to get food or shared anything.

I offered him food I cooked this one time and after that he confused me for being his personal chef and babysitter lol. What the fck man haha.

The strangest part was at night. I was nocturnal, so I played music a bit loud to help me concentrate. One night, he came out angry with his sleeping eye mask on and told me to turn down the music because he was trying to sleep. Again, what the fck dude, you're staying here for free, and you want beauty sleep?

I was chill, so I didn't actually say that. I was just confused and was beginning to think that all French people are this rude.

So that was the story of the stinky, ungrateful, entitled and rude French guy that couchsurfed with me.


Another one? Jesus lol. I have lots but this is the last one that was memorable, and it happened recently while I was backpacking in Mexico.

I got invited by a girl that lived a bit down south of the State of Mexico, and she seemed so nice through her messages. She was very insistent in having me go over, and I thought that was a good thing given she's a girl lol but turns out it was another RED FLAG.

I finally went with her, and we arrived at her small apartment where she wanted to watch netflix, and of course she had one bed and no couch lol. She took off her bra which was a little weird, but I guess some people prefer it that way.

Anyway we watched some TV series along with a puppy she just recently got and while sleeping she put her feet on top of my leg, and I'm like, WOAH. This is not what I signed up for. It happened again a couple of times and I just froze. Why? Well I wasn't attracted to her physically nor with her energy. She was really not my type.

That entire weekend we had a really awkward connection since we had things in common, but I felt like she was a little too close-minded. It didn't help that she reminded me of my ex-girlfriend who was also Mexican and thought that she was better than everyone else. So maybe that had a lot to do with our awkward connection.

Here's where it gets weird again. We went the entire weekend to her family's house which was fine but when we got back to her apartment. She said that she felt sick, so she gave me blankets so that I can sleep on the floor :(

The first night you want to cuddle with me, and now you want me to sleep on the floor. Perfect lol. So I told her that her place was too small and decided to pitch my tent outside her room which was perfect for me because it was a roof-top apartment with a balcony.

And that's how I literally got kicked off a bed by a girl. That's never even happened to me even in a relationship haha. Hurray couchsurfing!!!

So that's it for the stories for now.

Did I have awesome experiences with couchsurfing hosts? Yeah, I did have a couple which I might talk about later...


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