Watching People Die

· 1 min read

I'm not very fond of admitting this but, I watched videos of people dying on a subreddit a while back.

For most people, this is extremely morbid and might even be compared to actually killing someone because it gives the impression that you actually get some sort of rush off the experience.

Personally, I merely watched it because I was paranoid back then, and I was playing the role of a prey where the world was the predator. I hope that makes sense.

And it goes without saying but, the internet is a very scary place. At first, you can be searching for funny cat videos and stumble into midget porn after a few hours of going deep. That's a random thing I just came up with by the way.

I've been using the internet since I was like 10 years old I think, so it's easy to see how one can get lost in such a vast network of information.

It makes me pretty happy to know that I realized it was something unhealthy for my personal growth and probably even the opposite of growth and healing.

I also think that recognizing that we have a benevolent nature in addition to a malevolent nature gives us a true understanding of our maximum potential.

If you're still watching some stuff I described or doing some stuff that feels wrong, I would recommend you to take a moment and question why you're really doing it.

If you ask why enough times, you normally end up with an answer that surprises the hell out of you.


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