So recently I went to my first ever 10-day Vipassana Retreat being held at Dhamma Makaranda Vipassana Meditation Centre and I learned everything except how to meditate lol.

I arrived in this course with zero expectations. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I'm a big fan of doing things the hard way because I think it just sticks.

Vipassana is a meditation technique that was taught in India more than 2500 years ago. I learned about it from a y0utuber and some friends that did it. They told me it's an amazing way to calibrate the mind.

The schedule is rigorous. You meditate for almost eight hours a day, with some breaks in between. And best of all it's free! It operates on donations and only from students that successfully completely the retreat.

So here are some things I learned during my 10-day retreat. Keep in mind this is very relative and everybody's experience will be very different.

DAY 1: The conditioning of the human mind is so remarkably easy, it's beautiful.

DAY 2: Vipassana introduces a way of life in respect to the laws of nature that should be the fundamental laws of the universe.

DAY 3: A clean and healthy diet is directly responsible for efficient mind and body operation

DAY 4: Accepting and being equanimous in everyday life is one of the most liberating experiences

DAY 5: Dreams are likely a reflection of things you fear and love.

DAY 6: My most beautiful memories seem to have been spending time with my couchsurfing host in Mexico, where I stayed recently.

DAY 7: The most fundamental actions like sitting, standing and eating are often practiced incorrectly and unconsciously.

DAY 8: Living consciously is something that can never be thought. It can only be felt.

DAY 9: Living in silence seems to remove the ego in theory.

DAY 10: The conditioning of the human mind is so remarkably easy, it's scary.


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