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So today I switched up my plan drastically and decided to travel to Columbia! I bought a cheap one-way ticket to Bogotá from Cancun. Why? To keep backpacking fresh. I think I spent way too much time Mexico.

My initial plan was to go to Canada to work for a couple of months, but I took a step back and the plan was going against my travel style which is low budget and going with the flow. So I thought about it, and it only seemed logical for me to continue my path down Mexico until I hit my motherland.

I'm also super happy to finish traveling Mexico at a faster pace since it was getting a bit too repetitive. I think it's partially because I spent too much time at cities. The chilango accent is not very pleasant to my ears either haha.

That's enough negativity

Here's my route for the next month: Mexico City ➡️ Puebla ➡️ Xalapa ➡️ Heroica Veracruz ➡️ Coatzacoalcos ➡️ San Cristobál de las Casas ➡️ Huehuetenango ➡️ Guatemala City ➡️ Belize City

I'm basically hitchhiking the same distance I did from Tijuana to Mexico City but instead of taking 7 months, I'll take one month.

I'm rushing to travel this route in one month because my Mexican Visa only allows me to stay in the country till July 20th. This is interesting since it will shift my travel style. I'll be forced to move fast. I was accustomed to staying two weeks or a month at a place whenever I felt like it.

This new plan is exciting, and maybe I'll be back home after a year exact of traveling! Goodbye, Mexico and hello South America and the beautiful Colombian accents.


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