What the fck happened to me, and why am I talking about spirituality when I was talking about making a million dollars a year just a month ago?

The universe pushed me back into orbit. That's what happened. My couchsurfer friend had me talk to her out-of-this-world psychic friend from Mexico, and she told me I can ask her three questions.

I thought I had everything figured out in my life, so I didn't really have anything. I did ask one question but it was stupid. My question was: what are my biggest fears?

So then she started asking how I feel and eventually told me my name and some stuff about my past relationships. I felt very curious, but it didn't freak me out. It was fascinating.

I considered myself a skeptical person before, but I felt something I hadn't felt before, so I followed my gut/intuition like I usually do now.

Thank you, Rina :)


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