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Wow. That's the only word that sums up my feelings right now. I'm so bloody surprised how shortly after writing about the Law of Attraction again, I got to experience something really beautiful. I know I'm probably just mixing up the cause with effect, but I'm grateful for it either way.

It started in Cali, Colombia

I was attending salsa dance school for a little over a month and met some beautiful women but never really followed up with anything. Sadly that's how I am most of the time. I rarely make a move on a woman, and you'll know by now if you read my stories. One of the girls at the class was this smiley Dutch/Israeli girl that I shared a dance with and never saw again. Well not until I came to Popayán, another city within Colombia.

God bless Europe

I was casually lounging around a park with my host and his friend just looking at the sunset when I saw her smiley face again. We spent a nice time just chilling, and she asked for my number and messaged me after. These European women seem to enjoy making the first move. God bless Europe.

So after that, she changed her plans to walk around a bit and hang out with me. This was after I told her that I wanted to spend some time with her, so I guess that helped. Finally, I reciprocated lol.

We ended up wandering around together then she suggested we rest at her hostel which we did and soon after she just asked if I wanted to lay down on her dorm bed. I was getting an idea of what was happening.

We then just laid down on the bed casually, and she asked if I wanted to cuddle. Now the idea was clear lol.

To sum up everything without getting into too much detail, it was a very powerful connection as if we knew each other in the past, and it was beautiful to connect with someone that genuinely enjoys exchanging energy. But not in a primitive way. It was more like a ceremony where two Gods decide to share some good energy. In essence, Tantra.

I just called myself a God

I used the word God because SHE called me a God and said that, after that experience, she will look out for vegans more haha. That was a huge boost for my ego, but it is scientifically confirmed that eating plants lowers cholesterol, sugar levels and basically prevents all those nasty things that leads to impotence. In fact, I actively drink magnesium and iron-rich foods to keep my blood flowing cleanly for special occasions like this ;)

Moringa and pure Cacao can help also with this. Beets are also very rich in iron and magnesium. Athletes drink this to give them energy before a workout or to recover after.

So that was it, that's how I spent an incredible time with a beautiful Dutch/Israeli girl. After six months in Colombia, I think that was quite a conclusion to my Colombian adventure where I spent most of my time in dance classes and cooking good vegan food.


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