Still Traumatized

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It's been a while since I posted, and it's partially because I had to process a lot of things and well, while traveling it's been pretty difficult to process things completely since everything moves so fast.

After being robbed, I decided to take a bus to my next destination, so that means my hitchhiking streak ended. I rode a bus from Hermosillo -> Ciudad de Obregón for 200 pesos which wasn't too bad.

Riding a bus is boring

But I took it because I felt unsafe in the city and because I was genuinely traumatized.

I felt like everyone was out to get me for like a day or two. There was an episode in Breaking Bad, a popular TV series, where an innocent looking kid riding a bicycle shoots one of the main character while riding his bike in a drug ridden neighborhood. Well, that's how I felt like there were many little kids trying to kill me.

Anyway, I don't feel that way anymore since I'm trying to internalize and let the trauma evaporate. I think the cure for this was the kindness of the new friends I met in Hermosillo and Ciudad Obregón. I met a humble guy called Paco that gave me rides all around Hermosillo. We shared very good stories together, and now I'm super happy to call him a good friend.

After leaving the city

After leaving Hermosillo, I arrived at Obregón where I was hosted by the kindest, funnest, and most interesting couple I've ever met. I spent five days with them just talking, cooking, watching movies and sharing ideas. I tried really hard not to feel sad when I left, but my friend from Costa Rica once told me no seas melancólico which means don't to be sad.

But, fck man, it's hard not to be sad when meeting people you vibe with so much.

I really liked hanging out with them. It made me feel a bit lonely sometimes, but that was just cravings. It would have been nice to share my experiences with someone on the road, but I know the time will come for that. Everything comes with patience.

In the meantime, I wish nothing but love, peace and happiness to my new long-term friends in Obregón. Thank you for reminding me how beautiful connections are and for being very present with everything.

I love you guys!

You have erased the trauma with the love you have for each other and the love you have for the world. It brings me tears of happiness every time I think of the moments we shared together.


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