Stealing Bread

· 1 min read

So I was In San Diego recently spending my last days in the USA before crossing the border and something strange happened. I stole a piece of bread from a restaurant table.

Why would I do that? Well right now, I'm eating a meal a day. It's this new thing that I'm sort of practicing. It's a method of fasting, and I also happen to get very lazy after I eat a large meal, so I rather just have one big meal per day because of this.

After I finished my meal, I paid my bill, and then I walked out and saw another customer's table and noticed they had bread left over. I was so perplexed why food was being wasted. These past few months, I had been living with homeless people in California and I would never waste food. We would always share what we had because we were either all on a super low budget or we didn't have any money at all.

I've been jumping from extreme to extreme recently. I came from a comfortable home in my country, then I went to being homeless with just a backpack. And now, I made decent cash, so I can go back to the way I was before. You become grateful for just about anything and in my case, I felt so bad watching food being wasted. So I stole the bread from a customer's plate. It was just sitting there doing nothing. I enjoyed that piece of bread so much!


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