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The word spirituality has been so abstract to me since the first time I saw it but I think it's so critical for the expansion of human consciousness.

I believe it's something you have to feel in order to truly grasp it.

It's also hard to grasp this idea because our brain has this super dominant bodyguard called our subconscious which holds our ego and a bunch of other things that the world has pre-programmed us to believe.

You can see how hard this is to explain that I had to write three complete sentences before getting to the actual point.

Spirituality, for me, means stripping oneself till we are left naked and in a state of existence and being.

This means we don't let our ego take over and that shit is fcking hard. It's so hard that if you try taking control of your ego, that is your ego talking lol.

That's all I have for today. If you need something to think about, I would recommend feeling instead of thinking.

There's also this app called Oak Meditation that could help with this mental stripping. It should be on Android OS too.

Slow down your thoughts a bit and take it easy.


Here are two other definitions of Spirituality from two of my friends:

It's like a personal practice that seeks peace in mind, life and all. It is infinite self-discovery. Self, meaning you in terms of you being everything. It is a way to unconditional love - Friend #1

Spirituality is the fundamental laws and order that govern everything even science. Science is only a fundamental tool for communication and understanding among humans. The whole purpose of science is to try to quantify the laws of the universe (Spirituality) - Friend #2


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