Spending Energy Wisely

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With the recent pause in intense travel, I've decided to start a routine. Now I'll be blogging two times a week Let's call it: Monday & Friday. Even if I don't have anything to chat about, I'll spit out all the vomit in my head.

I already have a scheduled routine of doing yoga, meditation, exercise and taking a cold shower, but now I feel like adding a bit more. But I feel like the wisest move would be to add more slowly to avoid resistance. Adding more stuff just means I need to get up earlier than usual which is fine for me because it's way more silent either way :)

I'm very silent now

It's so interesting now that I choose not to speak to a lot of people at the hostel I'm volunteering at the moment. It seems like I can already feel what the result will be in connecting with some people, and it would require too much energy invested. But if they are curious about the things I talk about, then I'm very willing to share everything.

So why am I deciding to add more new habits to my travels, and why is it important? Well, since I now have all this free time, I think I want to maximize it and learn a few new skills. These new goals will replace my old goals which I achieved for the most part. Amazingly I've accomplished almost all the goals except the super hard ones which I'll still accomplish as soon as I have the resources and a pause in traveling.

My goals for the coming months

  1. Work at a vegan restaurant and learn all the fundamental cooking skills necessary to run my own kitchen.
  2. Volunteer at a successful hostel and learn the essentials of running a hospitality business
  3. Learn the fundamentals of dancing salsa or any other dance style while in Cali, Colombia
  4. Learn to play the basics of the guitar using an online app and access to a guitar at the hostel.
  5. Learn the basics of speaking French using Duolingo, Babbel, youtube and speaking with friends.

So that's it for my goals. Those are all the things I'm most excited about at the moment and interested in spending energy to accomplish. I think it's a healthy balance of the thinking and feeling reality.


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