Setting a Frog Free

· 1 min read

I went for a walk today after being on my computer for the entire day. I like taking walks a lot especially during sunsets because I get to see people peopling which makes me feel connected. On the way back home, I saw a cat then I saw a plastic bag move in the drain. I thought it was a kitten. It wasn't.

It was a frog stuck in a plastic bag. I went in and set it free because, fck plastic, man. Seriously, just don't use it. Especially straws. Have you seen those pictures of turtles with straws stuck in their nose? It hurts just thinking about that shit.

Anyway, so that was what happened then I found myself catching my ego. I was expecting a couchsurfer to arrive at my house today. She's an Italian girl that had visited me before and stayed with me for five days around a month ago, and she didn't show up after she said she would come three days ago.

I felt pretty shitty since I had prepared food for her and had been expecting her, but then I became aware that my ego was hurt and that's not me. Did I just turn off ego? That was cool. So I told her it was no problem and that I'll see her the next time. Problem solved. The past and the future only exists in this reality and the ego loves playing with that.

So, I came back to the now and love.

I also played some music to get back in flow. Everything's cool now.


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