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So I’m fresh out of a Vipassana retreat here in Colombia at the moment. A very cool guy that was supposed to serve with us for the period of the silent retreat said this quote and it really hit me after 10 days. The quote in the title means only happiness can recognize happiness in English which is very profound for how short it is.

I’ve been traveling for almost a year now, and it’s been quite an interesting ride. I’ve met hundreds of people, some of my best friends and learned more things about people and their way of being in general. The strange part of all this is that these last three months of traveling haven’t been very fulfilling. Sadly, I've been blaming it on the food and people. Criticizing really shifts your focus and in a not-so-good way.

Change of ambience

The people have been not so welcoming when I arrived, but the ambiance changed completely outside the capital, Bogotá.

God damn, I've been talking so much about my bad experience in Colombia that I've been sounding depressed and negative. Finally, I realized that all I have to do is just keep being compassionate and showing love. I keep forgetting it's a long fcking game of cat and mouse, but I have to remember the fundamentals.

Compassion is the answers

A young guy that also arrived at the retreat also made me think a lot about love and compassion. He arrived really beat up with lice, staff infection and in a state of malnutrition. Since one of my companions was a nurse, she immediately started helping him and the professor gave him refuge for almost a week without needing to take the course. This was all just a reminder that love is really the answer. Well at least in my opinion.

The student left us a really hearth-warming note. I gave him a bit of moringa and cacao for his long trip to the Amazonas which filled him with endless happiness. I had the same feeling every single time someone gave me a ride in Mexico.

It's all the same feeling in a different package.


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