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So I've been in a sort of home arrest for the past 15 days, and it's been a bit too relaxed, but I think there are some lessons to be learned. I've been living with four other people at my friend's house, and it's reminded me a lot of living with my actual family and made me realize what a shit person I was at home before.

My Finnish friend that visited me almost two years ago introduced me to some really important universal laws namely the Law of Attraction and the Mirror Rule. The last rule actually sounds better in Spanish since it's called Ley del Espejo.

Why am I mentioning these rules?

Lately I've been a bit more interested in PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is likely based on science while the laws I mentioned are pseudoscience since they don't get proved by the scientific method.

This is relevant because I began getting to know the people I'm currently living with and one of them is a young French guy that immediately popped out to me as an annoying, privileged, selfish, ungrateful and unconscious human being. He is literally like a child in an adult body lol. The sad part about all this, is that I was exactly the same thing at an even older age.

Although I wasn't an adult baby exactly, I was very selfish and ungrateful which I'm still working on, to this day. I was quite the asshole especially to my mom. I never said thanks for anything. I know I can't take it back, but I will definitely be making up for it when I get back home. Given the amount of things my mom has done for me, I think I have a lot of making up to do...

So what's this mirror rule thing?

Well, it's basically an explanation for why we get angry with other people and why we seem to like certain people. It's all basically a reflection of our ego or what we call our personality. It tells us what we need to heal internally to be at peace with people we have problems with.

And these reflections are apparent in every single person in the household at the moment. Right now, I can feel how my mom feels because I'm kinda being a mom here at this household. My mom always took care of me by cooking and showed me love regardless of my negative attitude because I'm her offspring, and she has a strong connection for me. She carried me for many months and took care of me till today.

Fck, realizing all this is making me tear up

I want to hug my mom right now. Thank you mom for taking care of me, and sorry for being ungrateful.


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