Punched in the Face

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I was walking down a random street in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico today after having arrived at my host's spare Airbnb today. And well... it happened. I finally got in a fight for the first fcking time lol. It was so anticlimactic. Here's what happened.

My normal routine for getting to a new city/town is to just walk down the streets and observe everything. I also like going to the local grocery shops and fruit shops. Tasting fresh bread in the area is a hobby of mine.

So I was walking by this area and I saw a food cart parked in front of a local's house which I found fascinating. So, I took a picture. Seems normal right? Nope.

Bad Idea

A guy that was sitting around kept looking at me like I was weird, and I didn't pay much attention to it. So, I kept walking and went to the park. I was still chilling and just walking and observing.

The first warning sign I got was when I looked over to the same guy, he was looking at me weird and his friends were waving at me like I did something wrong, but I shook it off and kept walking.

Then one of them approached me and asked why I was taking a picture of his family. I said I'm just a backpacker and I like taking pictures. Of course, I said all this in Spanish! Then he told me to give me my phone so he can take a look. I told him no fcking way. So I brushed him off and opened my hands wide open to show that I'm not a threat. I really wanted to avoid any confrontation, but he really wanted to get physical. He hit me in the chest and I didn't feel a thing with all the adrenaline rush.

I'm just a bloody tourist

I kept insisting that I wasn't from the area and that likes taking photos. So now he reached in for my phone and I stopped him and my phone fell, so I scrambled for it thinking he wanted to rob me at this point. So my first instinct wasn't to fight him but instead go in a public place. I walked towards an Oxxo, which is a popular convenience store chain in Mexico and luckily a good Samaritan was coming out and told the guy to chill. I was explaining everything.

The guy that attacked me came to his senses a bit, and then he walked away. The guy that saved me then asked me where I'm from and then shook my hand and I told him thanks for that. He then told me to fight and defend myself next time and to be careful with the people in this area because the neighborhood is tough. I believe him now lol.

In retrospect

Honestly, I'm glad this happened. I feel glad this was my first fight and I got hit and finally felt the adrenaline of being in danger. Now I know how to react. Well, I hope I do.

Next time, I'll hit and just run maybe. Maybe I'll even start looking at self-defense videos.


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