Is it human nature to be the best at every single thing we do? Maybe, but likely not. I feel like culture has us think that. For me, it was capitalism that programmed me to that way of thinking. Then I tried imposing my belief on others which was kinda shitty.

Capitalism is essentially a system where the rich control the world's state of affairs

Personally, I think I was unhappy with the 9 to 5 system which pushed me to want to be the employer, AKA the capitalist.

That worked out for me until I became dissatisfied with being an employer and realized that chasing isn't natural.

These days I still do work with the intention of being good enough, but I don't place as much importance on being great because it's not where I want to spend my energy right now.

You see, spending energy on stuff that doesn't really matter takes away the energy from other stuff. Now, I rather spend my energy on being in flow which feels good.

Being in flow, for me, just means accepting that everything is, always changing, and it's nicer to ride the wave than going against it.

This is still really hard since it's kinda like attempting to deprogram my brain, but with practice, I think it'll get better.

Yesterday I went to film an interview with a local business owner and it's so amazing how light and good the vibrations felt when you shift your perspective on the world.

I think I can mix two different worlds if I keep them in balance.


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