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So my friend told me something very interesting recently. He had a theory that a person does not exist if they are not in social media.

I found that so fascinating!

What does it even mean?

Like most stuff in this reality, we say things that we might not truly understand and that's perfectly ok because we're all knowing Gods.

Let me explain a bit. It just means that it's ok to believe an apple is round and red because we're basing that on the scientific tests processed by our five senses.

We have no fault because it's based on something that seems real to us.

Back to the social media thing

My friend's theory was perfectly right in my opinion and I think so because all the users are deeply immersed in that reality.

And by deeply, I mean that some people probably spend half their time in that reality by checking updates impulsively every couple of minutes just to get that instant gratification rush.

Now imagine that you're playing this game and trying to attain this perfect life where you'll never win regardless of how perfectly you fabricate your personal identity. That's social media.

It's just a game

Then we ask ourselves why we're so unhappy and blabla. It's because you're attempting to follow standards that we'll never match because they are based on a gene pool we probably can't attain in this lifetime. We can attain the fictional status though lol.

According to the author of Sapiens, a book I recently read, a human being gets the same dopamine rush from building a mud clay house as he does from finishing to pay off his billion dollar penthouse. It all depends on the perception which has evolved based on context.

Let that sink in...

I guess that explains why I wasn't on social media. It was because I probably didn't want to participate and exist in that reality of chasing something that cannot be caught. In addition to that, you suffer if you don't get your dopamine rush and that means that you suffer for as long as you play the game.

So, here's your reality check for today. What if you are playing a bigger version of the social media game in the real world.

What if you're just a constructed persona based on a game you won't ever really win.

What if the systems are designed to keep you studying, consuming and owning things that don't matter in the end?

Heavy stuff when you really open your brain and let it sink.


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