No Me Estás Alimentando

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We're currently 11 days into quarantine, and it's amazing how paranoid I've grown in less than two weeks. It's quite scary seeing the effects of listening to the news can do to you. Even my word choices in the first two sentences inspire fear. Damn...

Imagine having a lifetime of this information. You basically become a U.S. American citizen lol. Sorry to my gringo friends 😅 but I do mean it 100%.

So what does the quote mean in English?

Well it just means you're not nourishing me and my Costa Rican friend told me that today and instantly made me conscious of my current state of mind. I seem to be very scared and panicky which is not my usual state. Quite the contrary, I think I've been quite relaxed and fearless the past three years.

I feel like I've let all the noise of the virus finally get to me, and although I'm not sick yet, fear has definitely been infecting me.

Recently, I even contemplated ending my travel plans to Brazil because of this pandemic. I think I've faced tougher challenges in the past by simply keeping positive and going in with a decent game plan. Given I've solved similar problems in the past, I think I can get through this for sure. I've always found it fun to solve challenging problems and this shouldn't be any different I feel.

Yeah sure, people will be more paranoid, but I think that'll always be there. This is probably the time to start educating people about fear and consciousness. This might be the precise moment that helps them to wake up.

Let's see what happens after the 15-day quarantine is over here in Lima.


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