Naked with Gay Men

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There's something interesting that happens when you travel. Everything you believe in, starts changing fast and everything that bothers you, slowly stops bothering you. Why? Well, my guess is that we start accepting that everything is very relative.

Spending time in Guadalajara

In Guadalajara, I stayed with two different but amazing couchsurfers and hung out with another host there. One of them was my vegan guy that really pushed me to believe being vegan was possible as a guy. And the other one was a crazy Mexican girl that really lives life lol.

During my stay at Guadalajara I also ended up hanging out with this guy who definitely gay. It can't get more obvious lol but I was cool with it. I do my best to treat everyone the same way, as human beings. He sent me a message and seemed really chill, so I agreed to go have breakfast and chat a bit with him.

A sauna was involved?

We got to the sauna, and he said, we're only allowed to go in naked. I was like, shit I didn't know that lol. I'm normally used to going in with my little sarong towel. Then it clicked to me, I remember reading he was a nudist on his couchsurfing profile in addition to being gay. It all made sense now!!! This kinda sucks saying, but I think he invited me to go to the Sauna with him, so he could get turned on. Damn, and here I thought everyone had good intentions.

Well that's my assumption, but I'm almost 100% sure it's true since I've been in similar situations before. Couchsurfing is very strange but interesting at the same time.

So, that's how I showed my privates to a random couchsurfer lol. Eh, doesn't matter, I enjoyed the sauna and got to understand the way someone thinks at the same time.

Chilling in León

After Guadalajara, I went to León since it was the closest city and I also stayed with another gay couchsurfer there. I really enjoyed my time with him. Now just to clarify, I'm not gay, but I'm very interested in learning the way other people think. Personally I consider myself a very feminine guy but in different situations I switch to my masculine energy. It's all situational and relative in my opinion.

During my stay in León, I had a lot of fun chatting with my host since he was very funny. He was busy for the entire week, but he invited me to go to a gay club with his friends which was actually fun. It was interesting being around a bunch of gay guys and watching them interact with each other. It's so simple the way they get along. They simply make eye contact at the club, start dancing and then they hookup lol. Maybe that's just the club culture, but I love how primitive and simple it is. Super efficient haha.

As stupid as this sounds, I genuinely enjoyed my time with my new gay friends. They have slowly been teaching me that we're all just the same regardless of whom we're attracted to.


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