Mugged at Knife Point

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Whatever happened in the last post where I got punched got a whole-lot worse :(

The same guy that punched me caught me in my most vulnerable time. I was alone with my heavy backpack catching a bus out of town and about to leave the sketchy neighborhood.

It started at the bus stop

I was waiting for a bus beside a shop, but it didn’t stop for me, so the lady told me to cross the street and wait for the bus. That lady quite possibly ruined the next two days for me because I crossed the street and was alone and that’s when the same guy caught me alone waiting for a bus.

He told me he was apologizing for what he did to me and that his friend wanted to talk to me. I was gullible enough to think he was telling the truth. But I told him that he would beat the shit out of me if I went there, so I definitely wouldn't go.

Things get dangerous

He got angry and pulled out a sharp metal object. It wasn't a knife, but I felt the piercing in my stomach and I immediately went in panic mode. My first reaction would have been to run, but my fucking backpack was too heavy. I put my backpack between the attacker and myself, but it didn't work. A lady drove by and was looking to help me, but she couldn’t do much. I tried to talk to her, but she was too far away, and eventually she drove off after she figured I was a dead man.

I was trying to negotiate with the guy and suggested giving him money, but he had his eyes dead-set on my phone and I could still feel that metal piercing in my rib, so I decided to just let it go and give him.

I went into a mini panic attack

After I gave him my phone, I had no idea where to go so I kept running for my dear life. Imagine a scene where the killer is out to get you, and you have absolutely nowhere to hide. That was me. But then a local grabbed me and told me to calm down.

Then he took me to a nearby convenience store when I called the police. I sheltered there until the police came. They came and asked a bunch of questions and wanted me to file a report before anything was done. They knew exactly where the guy’s house was, but they didn’t bother to get my phone back! The police clearly recognized the place where drugs were sold, and just didn’t want to deal with it.

So I just said fck it and left the phone. The sad part of all this was that the phone was locked, and he can’t use it even if he wanted to because my iCloud account is linked to it and I locked him out. He basically stole a $1200 USD piece of brick.

Here’s my take-away:

  • Always ask locals if the area is safe to walk around or to even take pictures.
  • Don’t trust everyone. The world doesn’t work that way sadly.
  • Always carry some sort of self-defence equipment or know basic self-defence.
  • Keep your phone in your pocket if you’re not sure of the environment.

Sadly all this was basic and, I chose to ignore it because I thought the universe was always on my side. Fck that shit. There’s an equal balance of evil to go with the good stuff. Period.


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