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I never thought I would enjoy spending time with an Instagrammer, but it was an interesting experience. The reason I think it's rare, is because I thought most Instagrammers travel on higher budget given the social platform is a bit superficial. Well that's my opinion. Recently, I hadn't received any guests for quite a while before hosting my new Spaniard friend, so I was very excited to host again.

Reconnecting with humans

Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy connecting with human beings. For me, it seems to make my heart open up and just love. I'm also curious about everything recently, so I really like listening to perspectives and seeing someone's heart just open up slowly as we share energies. Now that might sound a little too woo-woo, but I do feel that way a lot recently.

So the adventure started. We went hitchhiking to Big Rock Falls which is in the Mountain Pine Ridge area in the Cayo District. The only problem is that it rained like crazy lol. Luckily we're both very adaptable, and we were chill about everything. We made it after hours of waiting for a ride, but we got her special pictures and had some good conversations about travel, people and about relationships.

Camping in the wild?

We had plans to camp there for the night and then go to Caracol Mayan Ruin which is like four hours into the wild, but I was being a wimp after getting bit by sand flies. So we kinda decided to just come back into town.

If you decide to camp at the Mountain Pine Ridge area, take a long sleeved shirt, pants and some bug spray :) There's this place called Pine Ridge Lodge that charges like $10 BZD per night to camp out at their spot but since we're super cheap. We didn't want to pay lol.

All in all, it was such a good time and I keep learning a lot of new stuff about people which I love. It's actually my main motivation to do solo traveling after August 2018.

Sorry this story was kinda boring, but it's real, and I do feel grateful for everything that's been happening. I'll camp out next time and stop being a little wimp :P


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