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The past few weeks have been very interesting. It's now day 38 into the quarantine and at this point, I think I find just about anything interesting lol. My interests have shifted daily but not in a crazy mindless way. It's actually impressive how disciplined I've been, and I feel like this has all been a preparation for me going back home.

So what's new?

Well... I've stopped fapping. That's new haha. In all honesty, discipline has been a really important part of my habits and quarantine has helped me immensely with this. I think meditation and yoga has been a god send for kicking the day off and generating momentum.

In fact, I even read that one drop of sperm is equal to 40 drops of blood since that's what it takes to produce it. And while that's the physical/chemical part of it, there are also some major implications if you decide to waste your sperm. Given it's so powerful that a single drop create a new life form, then that means every time we decide to ejaculate for sport, it literally sucks the life away from us.

Lucid Dreaming

So besides preserving my sperm, I've also decided to explore the very interesting world of lucid dreaming. I'm an absolute novice at this, but I had a strong taste of it when I was in a Vipassana course in Mexico. I was dreaming every single day and I remembered everything so vividly! In my dreams, I was aware that I was dreaming which blew my mind! And that's Lucid dreaming in a nutshell. You can even take control of your dreams with enough practice.

It's like being a director of your own movie

Recently I even started sleeping on the floor every night to see what it feels like and I really like now it has aligned my body. Again, I'm not an expert, but I did read that it has very positive effects on the body since the spine is able to naturally fall into place. As soon as I get more factual science based knowledge, I'll talk more about it.

There's more...

Every night I do 30 extra minutes of meditation before sleeping and which should also help trigger lucid dreaming. In addition to this, I play deep sleep music playlists that throw me into the lucid dreaming simulation ๐Ÿ˜…

I think all these new fascinations are preparing me for whatever is coming up really soon. And hopefully after this, the all-important part II to the childhood traumas series is coming up as well. It's very detailed, raw and visceral.


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