Love the Pandemic

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It's now been almost 20 days of quarantine, and I've been spending my time quite productively which feels good. My morning routine has been strong with daily meditation, yoga, and exercise. I even have time to practice my handstand and learn some Brazilian Portuguese. Muito Bom!

So is that why I like this virus thing?

Actually no... but yes. I think this disaster can teach us so many new things, very important things that we seem to have forgotten, and it has to do with living in harmony with the world. I feel like the universe is merely self-correcting itself and telling us to wake the fck up and be kinder to one another and to nature.

We have been so cruel to everything, including ourselves and the internal damage is finally surfacing. And the funny part is that so many people are so surprised, stress and scared which makes it worse I think.

This sucks to say, but I feel like this was a necessary happening. We've exploited just about everything on this planet and thought it could go on for 1000 more years. Absolutely nuts.

That's enough ranting I think.

Here's the silver lining of this pandemic:

  1. Nature is finally getting a chance to breathe with less noise and air pollution
  2. People are prioritizing people instead of material stuff
  3. Everyone is more compassionate especially with their parents and elders
  4. Humans are now a little more aware of their consumerism habits
  5. Being wasteful is not frowned upon given limited resources
  6. Getting healthy is now a priority for many people
  7. Overpopulation has been brought to a halt and even gone the other direction

And that's all the opinions I have for now.


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