Love My Ego

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So this is weird. I'm doing two posts in a day which is unheard of.

Recently I feel like my old ego is back. The one that is very careful about things and thinks a bit too much sometimes.

And guess what? I'm not even mad about it. I'm actually excited to have this little guy under my guidance. It seems like I'm finally at peace with him. We can probably do some cool stuff together especially given all the skills he has for solving problems and being very resourceful.

Did I just find a way to hack ego?

Just as a backstory, a week ago I fell, and I was so relaxed despite my knees getting trashed. After this happened, I was so very careful about walking and doing stuff in general to not get hurt since I can't do anything fun without full use of my lower body.

In retrospect, I feel like my little accident helped me come in peace with my ego somehow. All this time I thought the ego was the enemy and that I had to keep it locked up. It turns out he's just here to keep me alive and me tripping down made me very careful which I was what my old ego did to keep me safe.

This also reminds me of a quote

The freeing sensation of laughter. If you can find a situation humorous then suddenly it becomes much less severe - Alan Watts


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