Living with the Mayas

· 2 min read

Recently I sneaked into a Mayan Ruin site around my house. It was easy.

I had broken into Cahal Pech Mayan Ruin during the night several times in the past, but this one was special because I was with my new French friend, and we had a lot of fun hanging out doing almost nothing lol.

My French friend was couchsurfing with me and when I first went to pick her up at the bus stop I genuinely thought we were probably not going to vibe well, but holy shit was I wrong.

I decided to be extremely open-minded this time when it comes to meeting new friends. Keep in mind that I kinda consider myself open0minded already, but I wanted to take it up a notch. It played out so beautifully. I literally absorbed every single bad energy and morphed it into a good one and eventually, I opened up my friend's heart, and we connected on several deep levels.

We had a ton of stuff in common and were totally in the same frequency which had recently happened as well with a Spaniard girl I hosted. I think I'm manifesting all this lol.

Anyway, so we broke into this place by literally undoing a rope and walking in lol. We both had head headlights luckily. Our energy was flowing throughout our adventure, and we were drawing stupid shit with our red lights while taking long exposure pictures with her DSLR camera haha. Then we went exploring the other parts of the ruin and found a ton of spiders and even a scorpion which was probably poisonous. I had so much fun and I think we vibed extremely well.

Later that night we got some rum and vegetables, and made a French dish that was very tasty. Jesus, I missed having connections like these, and I bet this will happen a lot more if I keep the flow going.

Shout out to the universe for bringing amazing people around the area.

Remember to follow your gut. It's stronger than the thoughts in your head.


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