Life Pendulum

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Recently I had a couple of realizations that I thought were crystal clear. But I need to remember that life is a long ass process constantly happening.

I remembered a French friend that visited me. He had a pretty weird way of seeing things which is ok since everything that's not familiar is weird, but now I see what he means.

He suggested that everyone is swinging from extreme to extreme, left to right and right to left, kinda like a pendulum.

I don't quite remember how I replied to that, but I'm pretty sure I mentioned something about The Middle Way which is a Buddhist concept where you reject the two extremes.

Am I a pendulum?

Well I just realized I'm swinging on that fcking pendulum lol. Just one year ago, I wanted to build a million dollar business and happily live in a luxurious home as a capitalist.

Right now, I don't want any of that anymore and I just want to live off my backpack and move around indefinitely. I'm selling everything I own and leaving my current lifestyle because they don't mean anything to me now.

Maybe that changes in the future, but that's how I feel now.

Am I confused? Hell yeah lol but this time I'm following my gut, so I'll trust it.


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