Law of Attraction Revisited

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My travel style has been evolving so much recently, but I think it's now time to go back to the roots. To be a true backpacker. Back in Mexico, I had a very strict style where I only hitchhiked for transportation and only couchsurfed for accommodation.

This changed almost entirely in Colombia and I think it has affected how I see things and even made me dislike the entire process a bit.

Back in Mexico

In Mexico, my trip and experiences always flowed so well. My style of being open to everything and anything made everything feel so good. Nothing was ever wrong or unwelcomed. This flow is something I really enjoyed but never really craved or desired it. Now, it's all I want, and I think that's not the way the laws of the universe work.

The way the universe works, in my opinion, is what is famously known as the Law of Attraction, and it basically outlines that you attract the same energy as yourself. This means everyone is in a certain frequency of vibration, and you're always communicating this regardless of your consciousness of it. I was reminded of this after getting in touch with some old friends that truly believed in this universal law.

Shit frequency

Now to be completely frank, I think I'm in a shit frequency at the moment with my constant complaining, close-mindedness and judgmental attitude but the good news is that I can completely flip this around. I'll start off by meditating a lot more, accepting people as they are and stop thinking about all the bad stuff that has happened.

My focus needs to be entirely on the stuff fills me up and that's simply sharing a powerful connection with another being.

And even if that doesn't happen, it's ok because eventually, it will. And when it does, I'll be ready for it.

For now, I'll read one of my favorite books called Zen Mind Beginner's Mind and also go back to listening to some classic Alan Watts talks. I really enjoyed traveling on that mindset.


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