Kicked Out of Workaway

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Recently, I decided to shift change my travel style and do a bit of volunteering since couchsurfing wasn't working in Colombia. So I took a crack at using workaway.

Essentially, workaway is an application where a volunteer exchanges a couple of hours of work per day for accommodation and sometimes food. Now it sounds simple, but there are issues. One problem is that the owners of those businesses (hostels, restaurants etc) normally see volunteers as a slave labor force which is good for them but crap for us, volunteers.

I was lazy

My recent Workaway experience was at a hostel called Havana Hostel, and it turned out to be such a bad experience mostly because I didn't follow my gut and was lazy. Oops.

The owner was Russian and wow he had such a bad vibe and literally had zero empathy. Despite all these warning signs, I decided to just give it a try and not give up on the first day. The first few days I ended up refusing to do the work they gave me because I wasn't agreeing with their marketing strategy for their facebook pages. I should have just done my work, and it would have been fine. So then the manager asked me to do design work which I was so happy to do. I did it, but then they changed their mind and requested I do video work which I was totally against.

I think I have trauma for doing video work lol. Working with clients has been challening, and I was wasn't the best at delivering work on time.

Anyway so I didn't do the work and the hostel told me I have to leave in two days. So I left this past Monday and booked an Airbnb which I'm staying at right now. I've been here for two days and will likely spend two more days just chilling and going to dance classes.

I actually do really enjoy having my own space and being able to cook and relax. Hostel life is not quite my cup of tea at the moment but after I'm a little more disciplined, I think I will be able to enjoy it and adapt more.

Next up, I'll be talking about dancing and how bloody hard this new skill is and why. This should be fun talking about ;)


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