Kicked Out of Vipassana

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I've been in Peru for a little over two weeks and I came specifically for a Vipassana course. My last retreat was in Mexico, but it took a bit of a turn this time around. Before this, I was in Ecuador in a small city called Machala which was at the border of Peru and Ecuador. It was such a good time with my host and her four daughters. They were a lot of fun, and it's always nice to have so much nice energy around ๐Ÿ˜…

From the border of Ecuador, I took a long bus ride to the capital of Peru, Lima. I was there for a couple of days with my first Peruvian host, and it was very interesting meeting a new bunch of people with a different way of thinking. I always love arriving a new city and just experiencing all the new smells, tastes, faces and thinking. Sadly a city is not the best introduction to a country since the people are a little more stressed, but I had fun either way.

Immediately after being hosted for a few days, I got accepted to my third ever Vipassana course. I went with a group of other students in a shared ride which made me so happy since I really don't like bus rides that much especially after my 24-hour bus ride to Lima lol. The Peruvians that gave me the ride to Chaclacayo, where the retreat was being held, were also very nice. One girl talked a bit too much, but it was probably a good thing that she got all that out since we would be in silent for the next 10 days.

Or so I thought...

The retreat started off well. Before we went into noble silence, I had a chat with a friend that came in the ride with me, and he had a lot of questions about meditation, my trip and just liked chatting in general. Of course, I happily shared everything I knew. And then it began. We went into silence, and it felt so good to go back. It always makes me remember of Mexico since I did my first retreat there. The feeling there is just magical. The nature, people and vibrations are just so pure.

I spent a lot of time remembering all the people I met during my backpacking trip. Being in silence always helps me go back deep into my essence and I guess gratefulness is something that happens automatically. Another beautiful thing about Vipassana is that I sleep so well during my days and have amazing dreams that I remember very vividly. In Mexico, I even did some lucid dreaming and ended up resolving many little traumas I had.

Sadly this didn't last too much lol.

After day four, everything abruptly ended at 10:00PM that night when our group manager knocked on our doors and said that the show is over lol. The government had called a state of emergency, so that means there would be curfews and other severe restrictions coming our way. So the retreat was canceled. I was so lucky to have arrived the compound with friends in a rideshare. One of the students that had spoken with me, offered to take me in for the 15 days of lockdown. So fcking amazing! I still can't believe how lucky I am to be in a safe and super comfortable home for all these days.

The virus really screwed up my plans but that always happens, so we just gotta roll with the punches sometimes. Anyway. This has been a long enough story already.

That's how I got kicked out of my silent retreat and ended up with a cool new friend where I plan on learning a lot more about everything. Let's see if Brazil happens, or I end up going home lol. It all depends on how this virus situation plays out.


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