Landslide in Jerico

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It's been a while since I blogged but honestly, nothing interesting has happened. I've taken a break from couchsurfing because it seems a little repetitive for now. I think my natural curiosity for people kinda faded out or got turned off. Maybe I just have to find a balance as usual.

The reason it's fading is likely because I'm meeting a lot of people that are very focused on thinking a lot rather than feeling. It's been challenging since I'm more interested in the latter (feeling) but maybe it's time to jump into the thinking realm for a while and find some inner peace in there. After all, it's a reality where most of the world lives in.

My heart is closed

I feel like I'm attracting people living in the thinking reality because I'm not fully present with an open heart.

I've been attempting to jump into this state by having a consistent healthy practice every morning, but it's not there yet. With enough practice, I'll get there.

Sorry about the rant, but it's just what's in me right now. Right now, I'm in a small little town called Jericó which is four hours away from Medellín, Colombia. I came here to volunteer for the next three weeks at a hostel. It's nice to have a pause from the fast-paced traveling. I think it's what I needed. The ambient is a little different since I'm working alongside many new people. Dealing with so many energies is overwhelming, but it means my practice needs to be stronger.

What about the landslide?

It has been raining so much recently which caused water to destroy and collapse a lot of land in the mountains. No one died so far but many animals, like cows, perished in the process which is sad :(

The silver lining in all of this is that it brought the community together which has been a joy to see.

I will say that being woken up at 1:00AM in the morning and having to pack up all your shit in five minutes was straight out of a fucking movie lol. I finally learned that I don't need all the crap I'm lugging around and just need the basics and some food. Maybe I'll react a little better next time.

My tip for traveling would be to pack all your important stuff in a tiny bag the night before and just take that in the case of an emergency.

I would take my sleeping bag, bathroom stuff, water, food, light, and minimal clothes.

In the rush of things, I even forgot my phone but honestly, I didn't need it since I'm not so attached to it like I was before lol. I did have a backup phone which was very useful for taking pictures of the aftermath.

It was very emotional for the locals.


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