Hitchhiking from Tijuana, Mexico

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So I finally did it. I hitchhiked alone in Mexico after having heard that I'll be killed by the Mexican cartel if I even attempted it.

Here's what I hitchhiked in half a day. I went from Tijuana -> Tecate -> Mexicali which is approximately 150km or 100 miles. It went surprisingly smooth!

I waited for under an hour for my first ride from Tijuana to Tecate and then just 5 minutes for my second ride from Tecate to Mexicali. The driver to Tecate even gave me a quick tour of Tecate and fed me very good tacos!

My first two rides

The two drivers that gave me rides had one thing in common which was that they wanted to be backpackers or had traveled similarly to me. This was fascinating since it seems like people always favor people who are similar to themselves. So I guess that's why we seem to make connections with people who are in the same frame of mind or frequency as ourselves. I thought I understood this. but this is another level of connection that I hadn't understood. I guess people perceive other people and how much risk they take depends on the perceived connection.

As usual, I try to give some tips and here are a few hitchhiking tips I learned from this short trip:

  • Always put your backpack beside you, so you can let people know you're a real backpacker
  • Smile to show off your good intentions lol
  • Take a cheap colectivo (group taxi) to the furthest part of the city, so you get drivers that are leaving the city and driving for longer
  • Try to find a speed bump or a highway with a bus turnout so that the driver either slows down or can slow down while in heavy traffic
  • Stand next to a highway with the maximum amount of roadways converging which means you get a higher number of cars passing

That's basic probability laws!

Hope that helps :)


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