Hitchhiking to Puerto Peñasco

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And the hitchhiking adventures continue! This time I got stuck while going to Puerto Peñasco. This was my route: Mexicali -> San Luis Rio Colorados -> Riito -> Puerto Peñasco which totals 300km.

I was at Mexicali for almost 3 hours waiting for a ride in the outskirts of the city. I think I wasn't getting a ride since I wasn't close to any traffic lights or sidewalks, so people were just flying by without having a good look at me and getting trust.

A stalker shows up

So I ended up walking a bit more, and I met up with this guy who was following me. He looked homeless at first glance. So what I did was a bit aggressive, but I ended up walking directly towards him and asking him if he was looking for something specific (in Spanish of course). I did this while looking him directly in the eye with a very serious tone. He answered that he was looking for a bus. So I said that was cool.

I ended up walking away from him. He didn't follow me after that lol. I started walking to another gas station in hopes of getting a ride and finally a very sketchy car started beeping at me. It was a pretty old guy with a bunch of random stuff in his car lol. He ended up just being an old-school backpacker himself when he was younger and just wanted to chat about the hitchhiking life.

Landing at a small city

He dropped me off at a city called San Luis Rio Colorados. I was already contemplating staying there since I had lunch, and it got late already! So I went to a nearby park to regroup myself and I found colectivos there that go outside the city. That was my sign to start moving, so I did!

I paid my 13 pesos for my colectivo and ended up at the outskirts of the town. The sun kept going down, but I kept walking this time because there was no traffic ahead lol.

I meet a fellow backpacker

Out of nowhere, this young guy and his dad stopped and told me to hop in, so I did. The young guy (driver) was a fascinated by backpacking and was curious about where the hell I was going. He said it was the first time he met a real backpacker! So we talked and talked, and he ended up driving me for almost 30 mins further just to talk haha. He then left me at a crossroads and even gave me money! What the actual fck lol. I normally don't take money, but it was in pesos and I didn't have any coins at the time, so I said thanks and took it.

Camping Time

The last ride I got was from a guy that worked at a package facility. Ge gave me a ride to his small village of Riito. Here, I finally gave up on getting a ride and camped out behind a convenience store. I just walked around till I found a nice place where the wind wasn't too strong, and then I asked the owner for permission to camp the night. It was as simple as that haha. Villages are so easy to find camping sites. I didn't see any sign of dangerous animals, so that was a complete win for me :)

The next day I got up so late since I was tired and got two veggie burritos at a local snack shop and started hitchhiking. I wasn't getting any rides again, so I said fck it and started walking again and this happened to do the trick.

My next ride had free cocaine

Apparently when you start walking it shows that you really want a ride lol. A guy in a small car stopped and offered me a ride. This guy was a lawyer that loved Cocaine! He told me there are even flavors of coke and that his favorite was Guava. I was offer but kindly declined.

He then drove me all the way to Puerto Peñasco where we talked about drugs and business for two hours straight lol. After we arrived the small town, he fed me good tacos and even offered me a place to stay since he had house rentals, but I also declined since I had a couchsurfer I was staying with for the night.

Hitchhiking life is fcking fun. You meet the most interesting people on the road, share stories and even become friends on facebook haha.

Let's see what happens on the next hitchhiking episode to Hermosillo!


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