Hitchhiking to León, Mexico

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On this short episode of hitchhiking, I travel from Guadalajara -> León which is ~220km. I walk the highway until a truck driver stops to offer me a ride, but not until asking me if I have drugs or guns on me haha.

Hitting 3000 total hitchhiked kilometers

So apparently I'm at 3000 hitchhiked kilometers so far and every time I get a new ride I keep learning something new. I think that's the reason I started all this travel/hitchhike/people fascination. Because it seems like there's an endless combination of things which just keeps everything so fresh and super fcking interesting.

On this trip, I walked a bit, approximately 10km which is two hours of walking. As usual, I took a bus outside the city and I used the app Moovit which works in Mexico and is quite accurate. But the bus stops are not quite updated since big cities have bus drivers that don't follow rules. This is normal for third-world countries where there's no real monitoring and control.

Hitchhiking kicks off

After I took a bus outside the city I found a gas station and started asking for rides, but I knew it would be challenging since it was a big city I'm leaving, Guadalajara. In big cities, I feel like people are a little more concerned about their safety and are afraid of taking risks and most of the cars were very fancy looking cars, so I was very sure that I wouldn't get a ride as quickly as I use to.

So I did what normally works, I started walking on the highway and two hours in, a truck stopped and as usual, I was so fcking confused if he stopped for me or if he was just casually stopping for a piss break or stopped to check his tires lol.

I ran so fast to this truck that I looked like a fcking penguin running with my 39lb backpack lol (18 kg).

He opened the door

Upon opening the door, the driver immediately asked me if I had drugs or if I was armed and to which obviously replied no haha. He then asked which country I was from because there are a bunch of immigrants fleeing from Honduras and other Central American countries with hopes of reaching USA.

So yeah, I got in and chatted for hours with this guy since he was so curious about Belize. He spoke to me about his family, children and how he was trying to be a better man. He even bought me a soda and a bag of chips which was really nice of him.

After a couple of hours of talking and riding, he dropped me off in the corner of the city in León where I took a bus to my hosts house and spent five days just chilling. I took the time there to recharge myself, upload videos and write on my blog. I really appreciated that my host was really chill and had a really fcking nice spot :)


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