Hitchhiking to Guadalajara, Mexico

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On this long hitchhiking trip, I take a really long time to reach my destination. This was my travel route: Puerto Vallarta -> Tequila -> Tala -> San Isidro Mazatepec -> Guadalajara which was ~400km. It took a total of five different rides including a cool Italian backpacker, a crazy disabled guy and a fascinating farmer with two families lol.

What I forgot to mention is that I went from Puerto Vallarto back to Sayulita & San Pancho since I didn't get a fcking ride. In fact, I ended up walking for almost 4 hours and I actually crossed the border of two states on foot haha. Those states are Nayarit and Jalisco. It was so hot, and I was walking on the highways with zero sidwalks. That was nuts. I almost got killed every five minutes :O

Camping at San Pancho, Nayarit

After camping at San Pancho for like five days and sleeping under the stars, I got recharged enough and started hitchhiking my way to Guadalajara after getting my host confirmed in the city :)

The adventure kicked off with an Italian guy picking me up almost instantly, and he gave me a ride because he had backpacked for 8 years after he turned 18, and he did it with his female dog. They had such a good connection that the dog took care of his bag while he went to run errands and no one could touch his backpack. He told me that police officers always offered to buy his dog which is really fcking cool.

Second hitchhike

My second ride was a little harder and I walked quite a bit before getting picked up by a crippled guy that was sitting in a passenger seat while his worker drove him around. I felt weird taking that ride, but I was waiting for an hour, so I had no choice. I hopped in and on the way he had me help him steal papayas from the road-side lol. What a crazy guy.

Then, he took me to a weird ranch and I wanted to hop off, but he wouldn't let me, so I was already thinking about my exit strategy in case he wanted to fcking kill me lol. It turns out he was just dropping off some money to an associate, and then he took me to a gas station where he gave me some genuine advice. He told me to be very careful while hitchhiking. I told him I had hitchhiked all the north, so he gave me a little respect after that haha.

Third hitchhike

My third ride was the most interesting ride and that's because I heard more narco-trafficing stories.

The driver's name was Charly, and he was with his family coming back from a weekend get-away. He gave me a ride from Compostela almost all the way to Guadalajara which was fcking amazing. He even stopped on the way to buy me good food, and we all ate and talked about random shit.

The interesting part came after we left his family, and we picked up his workers at a cherry farm. These guys looked super fcking dangerous and kinda like the guys that stole my phone, so I was a little careful, and they ended up becoming my good friends. One of them had worked in California and spoke excellent English.

The crazy part was that one of Charly's friend he had a close-death experience with the mafia after they picked him up in the wee hours of the morning and confused him and his friends as the opposing mafia group and beat them up till they were almost unconscious. He showed me the scar on his lip.

I was like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK MAN! That was a wild story and he told it so fcking casually.

They dropped me off around a pharmacy late at night where I felt bad vibes and one car even sped off after I approached them for help. That scared me since I know people were very distrusting in the area.

Taking an uber out of danger

I was waiting for my friend's uber to arrive, I just sat down and held my stomach since I was feeling a bit hungry and one guy approached me and gave me a cupcake and milk. What the fck??? I was a little suspicious since I know how the drug cartels can be It could have been a trick, so I rejected it, but he still gave me it.

It ended up being safe, so I just ate the fucking cupcake lol. I ended up getting in my uber, and going to my friend, Daniel's house which was really amazing. I spent five amazing days there teaching, learning and talking about travel and couchsurfing.

Thanks bud, for sharing a damn good time with me :)


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