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In this short hitchhiking adventure, A French girl and I go on a ride from Los Mochis, Sinaloa -> Culiacán, Sinaloa with very chill construction supervisor in his work truck. During our time together, she teaches me some stuff about attachment and about self-love.

So I met this girl while couchsurfing in Los Mochis. We instantly clicked since we both hitchhiked alone in Mexico. We were both heading the same way down south, so we went together to Culiacán. The home of the narcos!

New hitchhiking style

Hitchhiking there was super easy, and I got to see how different our techniques were. My French friend had a more aggressive technique in my opinion. She used a sign to get attention which is very interesting. I had never used a sign before to catch a ride, but amazingly it helped since she was able to ask everyone for a ride just by pointing up a sign which made things efficient.

She wrote her signs the night before. Smart! She was also aggressive in terms of asking for rides and even approaching buses, vans and even parked cars by the road-side. Well, her approach worked and a red pickup truck agreed to give us a ride. The driver was another chill construction supervisor, and he gave us a ride all the way to our host's place!

We stayed in Culiacán for a little over week with two hosts, visited cool places, and ate delicious food there.

Exploring the narco culture

One of the highlights for me was hearing all about the hard-coded narco culture and actually seeing a REAL LIFE NARCO at Capilla De Malverde!

He had two gorgeous women by his side who obviously had fake tits. They were watching over him while he prayed to Jesus Malverde who is actually a NARCO that is looked up as a saint. Can you believe that shit? Fcking amazing!

Besides that we went to a cemetery where the tombs were actually two-story houses equipped with bathroom, air conditioning, and even a patio to drink and do barbecues lol. It was mind-blowing to say the least.

Meeting our hosts

Our first host owned a restaurant that had a Japanese/Mexican fusion. She was the one that showed us the narco culture. Even her house had narco vibes. Sorry if I'm overly obsessed. It's just curiosity I promise.

Our second host there was a very cool guy that had a huge heart. He thought us so much about Mexican culture, and we played board games, watched Netflix and cooked the most delicious food. He and his boyfriend made me see how the chemistry works with gay couples.

I REALLY enjoyed spending time with my French friend. Since I was traveling alone for four months straight, it made me miss traveling with someone. I liked her a bit, but I knew we had to go our separate ways, so I did my best to just enjoy the time I had with her.

Discovering travel styles

We both had so many things in common including philosophy and travel style, but I noticed that she loved traveling alone since she had been doing it for so long. I, on the other hand, love traveling alone, but I'm curious about traveling as a duo.

In the end, I learned a lot about her and who I'd like to travel with, long term. It's fascinating to meet different types of travelers now. I think after traveling with more people, I can eventually figure out what kinda of traveler I'm compatible with because it's more than just matching up philosophy. You also need to complement each other in different situations that come up during travel. It's all so complex but very interesting still.

In summary, thank you for traveling with me and reminding about love, the world and about myself :)


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