Hitchhiking to Los Mochis, Mexico

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In this short episode of hitchhiking, I travel from Ciudad Obregón, Sonora -> Los Mochis, Sinaloa with a veterinarian that knows how to fight.

I was feeling a bit shitty after having breaking my hitchhike streak. In the end, I just had to stick my thumb out again. This time I only had to walk for an hour. Everyone seemed to want to pick me up, but they seemed indecisive. A family even smiled at me like the supported me, but they were afraid I'd slit their throat haha. #BADJOKE

Imagine if I said that to someone while they gave me a ride haha. I'd get stabbed. In fact, when I'm in the car I do everything possible to promote trust and authenticity. I go as far as taking my phone out and having my hands in clear visibility at all times. I even tell the driver my full name when I enter, so they know I'm not some random convict. Hopefully, I'm not thinking too far lol.

I got boxing tips

Anyway, I got a ride from this cool veterinarian who gave me some quick boxing tips. He told me that the first minute of fighting is only to figure out what kind of fighter someone is, and it's the time we can find each other's strengths and weaknesses which makes sense since I did that for every sport in reality. But this makes it a little more clear and really puts things into perspective.

The ride was kinda routine. We talked about why he picked me up and that's always something I'm very curious about. This time it wasn't because he was a low-key backpacker. It was because I looked very clean cut and trustworthy. VERY COOL!

Honestly, I do my very best to always look clean, friendly and trustworthy. I even stand in a very non-aggressive fashion by standing straight, and keeping my hands very reserved. So I'm glad my body language is getting me rides :)

After arriving, I felt good vibes at Los Mochis, a city in Sinaloa, Mexico. The students that I met at a university helped me catch a local city bus to the center of town.

At Los Mochis, I met up with the craziest, coolest hosts. My couchsurfing friend, his little brother Nacho, his mom and his best friend showed me an amazing good time.

In the next blog post I talk about getting in touch with my chauvinistic side haha.


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