Hitchhiking with Convicts

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Orale, seguimos! On this hitchhiking trip, I take two days to travel from Puerto Peñasco, Sonora to Hermosillo, Sonora. This was my route: Puerto Peñasco -> Playa Encanto -> Miguel Alemán -> Hermosillo which totals 490km. On the way, I meet a fisherman with a $5000 USD black pearl, a crazy guy that smuggles weed and cars for a living and a very humble business owner that helped me after I got robbed.

Meeting a cool hippie guy

So this was one of the longest hitchhiking trips I made, and I had to walk a little over 10km just to get out of Puerto Peñasco since I had a hard time getting a ride. I started hitchhiking at 9am and only managed to kill 40km that day. A cool hippie guy let me crash in his condominium by the beachside in Playa Encanto which was super chill. His condo an amazing view of the beach, and I was able to see a comet crash down which was super rare.

The next day, I got four more rides. The first ride was from an American guy that was just driving to his property to inspect his houses and he gifted me a bottle of water which was super nice. Then I hopped into a fisherman's pickup that happened to have oysters in the backseat and told me he had just found a black pearl that was valued at a whopping 150,000 pesos which translates to $5000 USD! I told him I rather not hold the pearl given it's worth so much lol.

After this, I was lucky enough to get a ride all the way to Guaymas which was super close to my destination and I killed 400km there. The guy that gave me a ride was this crazy fcking dude that smuggles cars for a living and pays cops for the illegal activity. He pays them 500 pesos per car (~$30USD).

And he was kinda crazy, relatively speaking since he was drinking the entire way and driving at 120km/h more or less. We drove in a convoy with his two other friends who had two more cars. They were going to sell it at Los Mochis which is a city further down south.

Apparently I'm a crazy mofo

Amazingly this guy wasn't going to stop for me at first, but he turned around with his convoy and just picked me up and immediately told me I was a crazy motherfcker just like him lol.

This was a fun ride since we both talked about all the illegal shit we have done and all the places we visited. This guy had been working with illegal businesses all his life and he knew a lot about everything haha. He even told me he smuggled 20 kilos of weed once while walking for a week, and he passed it through the Mexican border!

Getting to Hermosillo

The last ride I got to Hermosillo was a bit more safe. It was a humble guy that worked in the crab exporting business. He took me all the way to my host's house in Hermosillo. He was very kind, and we talked about how we both enjoy silent time alone. We also shared the same love for fantasy TV shows which was pretty fcking cool.

After I was robbed in this city (upcoming story), he ended up helping me by booking me a hotel for the night. He also took gave me a ride to Bahia Kino after that where I camped alone for three nights.

What a crazy week that was. Now, I'm phone-less, kinda :/

In Bahia Kino, a con artist lady sold us a knock-off Samsung A9 phone. We bought it since we figured it's too much of a coincidence to not take the offer. This off-brand phone cost 3000 pesos which translates to $170 USD. We paid that for a damn knock off phone :(

This was a week of harsh lessons learned, but I'm so glad I was able to meet equally nice people that helped me through all the time.

Thank you, Paco for all your help and to the couple that is currently hosting me in Ciudad de Obregón :)


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