Hitchhiking is Boring Now

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There is something strange manifesting in my mind recently. Everything that made me curious has now become a bit boring the more I do it. It seems like my brain thinks it's some sort of expert and that I'm now a god at doing things lol.

My most recent hitchhike was from Puebla, Puebla -> Xalapa, Veracruz which is approximately 175km.

So yeah I hitchhiked this route and noticed something out of the ordinary. I wasn't the least bit excited to hitchhike this time lol. And what's even more interesting is that I felt like hitchhiking was a job now, and I had leveled up my skills in the area. So much that I ended up leaving the city of Puebla at 3:00PM which is so late haha.

What this means is that I was so confident that I took the time to wake up late, and do my daily routine of meditating, exercising, taking a cold shower and reading. I did all this and spent an hour picking the perfect hitchhike spot. I then took a bus for like an hour and a half outside the city of Puebla where I walked 30 minutes through some sketchy areas and then got a ride in literally 10 minutes.

Rejecting a ride

I even managed to reject a trailer driver's offer because I thought the probability of getting a second ride from his stop was very low. He gave me a small coke beverage and I thanked him of course.

So now I'm starting to become so premeditated and calculated with hitchhiking that I know the perfect hours, location and people I should ride with because of my experience. God damn, I'm a cocky son of a bitch now aren't I? lol. Well I don't know what this means yet, exactly, but it is taking the fun out of my adventure.

I think it really does have to do with me just getting bored with Mexico in general, and I might sound like a whiny little kid, but I am glad I'm leaving in exactly 30 days for Colombia.

My next stop was Orizaba which I'll write about soon, but for now I'm heading to Oaxaca. Let's see what all the rave is about. Maybe I can do the magic mushroom ceremony finally.


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