Hitchhiking to Blue Hole National Park

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I hosted a house full of couchsurfers this weekend, and we all hitchhiked to the St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park.

It was a lot of fun. We went to the nearest bump sign and got a ride almost instantly in a pickup to a small village called UnitedVille and then got a super comfy ride all the way to Belmopan in a car. After that, we got on a bus that took us to the Blue Hole for free! I would have never imagined it.

We just told them we didn't have any money and two of my couchsurfer friends were barefoot because they don't like shoes, so maybe that helped :)

The park charged my friends $4.00 USD each which is $8.00 BZD and I got charged $1.00 USD because I'm a local.

The water hole was so refreshing even though it was a bit cold that day. After we exited, we noticed we could have entered the site for free since the exit of the Blue Hole is not patrolled. I saved the spot on google maps for next time lol.

The exact spot is literally a couple of minutes away from the entrance so if you're lazy to do the short hike or short for cash, you can use the link below to see it on maps.

This is the exact location.

Coming back from the park was easy since most people are going back from the same trip and given the area has a lot of tourist traffic, drivers are a lot more trusting.

I made one very interesting observation while in Belmopan and this might be a bit negative, but it seems like all the fancy cars that were driven by local government workers found it a bit comical that we were hitchhiking. Not surprisingly, a working truck stopped for us and took as all the way back home to San Ignacio.

I might be wrong in my observation, but it may be that human beings that are not so deep in the game of money and status are way more connected to the world and see everyone as equals which probably explains why truck drivers stop for us. But there are so many variables that it's hard to make this assumption.

That's just my guess.


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