Hitchhiking an 18 Wheeler

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It happened again. I got stuck and didn't get a ride. On this hitchhiking adventure I travel from León -> Lagos de Moreno -> San Luis Potosí ~190km where I end up walking for 30 fcking kilometers and take the most dangerous hitchhike ride of my life. It was cool though.

I'm bat-shit crazy

Sometimes I amaze the hell out of myself with the crap I do, but I guess that means I'm getting outside my comfort zone which is pretty good in my books.

This time around, I hitchhiked from León, Guanajuato and because it's a huge city, I knew I would have a little trouble, but I never knew it would be as bad as it gets.

I started my journey taking the bus to the outskirts then immediately started hitchhiking beside a gas station. I was in a really weird position because the highway was so narrow and there wasn't a place for me to hitchhike properly, so I started walking the fucking highway.

The walking begins

So I ended up walking 20km till an 18-wheeler truck stopped and offered me a ride but not in the passenger seat this time. Instead, he offered me to sit on the anchor point between the fcking truck and the trailer lol.

By that, I mean that I had to climb where the actual front of the truck connects to its cargo. So, any move I would do, I could possibly fall into the machine of the truck or on the road lol. That was the craziest hitchhike rides I've gotten so far.

I'm a little behind on my video editing right now but as soon as I have it up, I will post the video clip of the hitchhike ride.

So after I got dropped off I got a nice little mango as a gift from the driver for surviving the deadly roller coaster ride haha.

No more rides

Amazingly, I didn't get a single ride after this for the entire day. I almost died and walked a total of 30km which is a total of six hours of walking. That was a new record for me.

The sun was falling, but luckily it fell till 8PM since the time changed a bit and I ended up finding a gas station on my google maps, so I walked for an hour to get there which seemed like an eternity. I died around five times mentally.

It's quite depressing walking alone and seeing everyone just pass by you and just not care but I knew there were lessons to be thought by the road, so I just kept on walking.

Finally, it's over

I arrived the gas station and started scouting out a place to sleep since the sun was setting very fast.

The people at the gas station not only ended up offering me their space to pitch my tent, but they gave me free access to the bathroom, showers and the manager bought me food and drinks while I chatted with her. Maybe I should walk every day to receive this royal treatment haha.

My hardcore 30km walk was rewarded with a really safe and comfortable night's rest at this random gas station I found on google maps. So awesome!

Hitchhiking starts again

The next day, I woke up a bit late and started to hitchhike again, but two hours went by and no rides came. I almost decided to take a bus to the next town, but a red pickup truck stopped and asked if I needed a ride and of course I said yes! I took my ride, and they left me beside a pedestrian ramp which was perfect. I got two more rides with ease after this.

All the drivers offered me food and water which was so nice of them. And I gave them good conversation and hope they will keep giving more rides :) My last ride to San Luis Potosí gave me a ride all the way to town by a gas station where I made my way to my host's house with two buses.

The rest of the story will be in another blog post since I've spent almost two weeks in this huge city. I met lots of new friends here... some really special ones actually.


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