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So this post will be a little introspective. I’ll talk about myself a lot lol. My hope is that it maybe pushes you to see some changes in yourself as well.

This past year has been life changing for me, and it’s very interesting how it changed in so little time. Most of the changes I experienced have been in terms of perspective. These new insights have pulled me into being in harmony with the universe and have allowed me to love unconditionally which has me a lot more peaceful.

So here are some of the changes that I experienced through this year.

My spiritual journey

Before I started this process, I was really focusing on my career and wealth.

Tony Robbins has this self-improvement system called Wheel of Life. My focus was basically only wealth and career lol. So the other stuff on my wheel was almost non-existent lol.

These days everything on the wheel is perfectly filled except career and wealth. Oh, the irony haha. You can search for the Wheel of Life online to see what I’m talking about.

Selfish Being ➡️ Unconditional Loving

This might sound a little intense but a year ago, my life focus was to survive and most of my thoughts were selfish to the point of paranoia. I literally had a security camera in front of my house and carried a knife with me at all times. I still carry one now, but it’s just to peel my oranges and apples thankfully.

These days, I trust everyone because I understand egos are just outer layers and when it’s peeled, you can see who a person’s purest form, a loving soul. I feel like my mind is now clear of the dozens of scenarios that will never happen.

Carnivore ➡️ Vegetarian/Vegan

Holy shit, this one was like the biggest shift for me. I ate seriously unhealthy food before. My favorite food was a local dish called pig tail. I also ate a lot of canned food. This might seem normal to you as it was to me but a plant-based diet has so many benefits if you dive deep enough to research and understand it.

What shifted my thinking? Well besides eating some delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes that my friends cooked, I read this book “Sapiens” and there was a chapter that spoke about the cruelty that happened at animal slaughterhouses. It touched me in my core and made me cry. Why would I pay for animals to be slaughtered? It was too much to handle. I have slowly transitioned into a vegetarian/vegan diet and even learned to cook some of these dishes.

What’s even cooler, is that I enjoy cooking now. I genuinely hated cooking a year ago lol. Now, it’s so much fun figuring out how ingredients pair together and how to create unique flavors. Plus my female friends love it when I cook with them. So yeah, cooking is a big part of my life now. Who would have thought lol.

Consumer ➡️ Eco-friendly?

I feel like this one is more of an extension of my diet since the vegan lifestyle means you consume as much organic stuff as possible which means not using stuff that are made from animal by-products. This also includes minimizing plastic use.

What shifted my thinking here? Well, it’s a combination of things. My friends gave me more than enough information, but there was this single experience that changed me. While I was walking, I saw a plastic bag move by itself. I had no idea what it was. It was a frog stuck in a plastic bag. I felt so disgusted how much we have disrupted the natural way of life. I set the frog free. I also remember something my friend from the UK told me that I’ll never forget.

There’s no such thing as throwing out the trash. Why? Because, it still stays on our planet.

Materialistic ➡️ Spiritual?

This change was such a strange one for me since I never really believed in energies or anything that I couldn’t prove or see. Being obsessed over capitalism and consumerism made me become a very practical person that sees things in relation to my ego and how it helps it move forward in the world.

Spirituality can mean a lot of things to every single individual. To me, it means living an unguided lifestyle where love and connection supersedes the conventional laws of society.

Recently I decided to sell all my belongings and I now feel very little attachment to anything which would be mind-blowing 🤯 to my old self. This radical change in thinking happened right after a very beautiful soul called Rina told me how the universe works.

Socially Anxious ➡️ Adventurous?

When I was a little kid I had a couple of traumatic events, if that’s how you call it. It kinda shaped my personality quite a bit. I feel like I haven’t fully let go, but I think I took a step forward and accepted some stuff already. One of those events was when I left my hometown and was forced to move and leave my best friend. I became quite the shy kid after that and was everything but confident. I might talk about this later on because childhood traumas are fascinating in my opinion.

These days, I feel like I did a good job of letting go of all that baggage, so I don’t think too much now lol. In summary, I basically don’t fear much anymore. This includes two of my biggest fears which were talking to people and doing risky things. Hell, these days I’m jumping off 20-foot waterfalls and hitchhiking. This was crazy and stupid for me since I had the tendency to overthink and find a dozen reasons to avoid risks.

So that’s it. That’s my one-year transformation in a nutshell that was done without setting any goals. It was all unguided and organic which blows my mind a bit lol. Life is pretty beautiful when you just let go and let it just... happen.

In the next blog post, we talk about traumas and some slightly dark stuff maybe.


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