Goodbye Jericó

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So I took a break from couchsurfing and volunteered a while in a small town of Jericó, Antioquia, Colombia for two weeks. It was so nice to be back in a routine and be boring again for a little while. But I'm on the move again and this is my travel route: Jericó -> La Pintada -> Pereira -> Cali.

Hello Cali!

And today I'm in Cali. I plan on spending the holidays learning Salsa. Out of all the things that I've tried learning, I think Salsa dancing would be the last thing I would have imagined haha.

I feel like I'm just really interested in any hobby/skill that connects me more deeply with another human being. At least that's what I think is in my subconscious. It's a very strong desire.

Before arriving Cali, I stopped by at Pereira. The region I was in before was called Eje Cafetero where lots of tourists go to taste some of the best coffee in the world. It also has some the most amazing landscapes and views.

Cali Women

And well, like I mentioned, I'm now in Cali, Colombia staying with family and my host who is a sweetheart. Cali women seem to be a little more sensual and sexy which I kinda expected given they love dancing here, so I think I'll like this place. After all, I did decide to start taking dance lessons to connect with beautiful women. It really is much deeper.

By the way Jericó which is known as a Pueblo Patrimonial which is similar to the label of Pueblo Mágico given to special touristic towns in Mexico.


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