UPDATE 2: Christmas day is here. I reviewed the goals achieved this year and it looks like I accomplished over 80% of them which is pretty good I think. I feel like this year, balance in my travel life was like a high priority, and it feels very good seeing actual progress. And most importantly I gained quite a few new skills which always fills up my soul and my little ego lol. Next up, I'll be writing my new goals for 2020, and we'll be setting some high ones this time 😅

UPDATE 1: It looks like my goals are well underway, and I've been achieving around 50% of the list which is pretty cool. I think after attending my Vipassana Ceremony this week, I'll be even more disciplined and excited to work on some of these. Let's see what happens :)

So it finally happened. I'm incorporating goals into my travel lifestyle this year.

It felt a little weird not having anything to look forward to haha. I think I needed a pause on the goals since I was so fcking deep into it while I was freelancing. I guess it all goes back to that life pendulum theory I talked about in the past.

I feel like sometimes we have to experience extremes in order to figure out where we want to lie in the spectrum. For me and I guess a lot of people, it's somewhere in the middle.

Another thing that I just realized is that I didn't want to do goals because I thought they were a bit selfish but in reality, they just need to be bigger to serve a bigger purpose. For now, I think most of these goals are just for me lol. I'll keep updating these. I guess they'll become bigger and less selfish as I travel and learn more.

So here we go, these are my goals for this beautiful year of vagabonding down Mexico:

  • Share all my life experiences with everyone ✔️
  • Share love unconditionally with everyone ✔️
  • Perfect the Spanish Language ✔️(Expanding my vocabulary daily)
  • Learn a new language ✔️(Started learning Portuguese already)
  • Learn to play an instrument ✔️(Started learning chords and practice when possible)
  • Learn how to dance salsa or bachata ✔️(Taken over 50 hours of classes so far and love it)
  • Attend Peyote Ceremony ✔️
  • Attend Vipassana Meditation Ceremony ✔️(Attended two)
  • Travel with a soulmate ✔️
  • Hitchhike 3000km in 6 months ✔️
  • Travel on a budget of $5USD a day ✔️(On $3USD a day now)
  • Make peace with my parents ✔️(One parent at least lol)
  • Blog weekly ✔️ (Daily now)
  • Attend Temazcal Ceremony ✔️
  • Attend Kambo Ceremony ❌(Hasn't presented itself either)
  • Upload a video log weekly ❌(New privacy stance scrapped this idea)


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