Favorite Question to Ask

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I'm kinda only writing this because I didn't want to forget and well, this blog thing is a sort of mental map of life teachings because apparently, I'm very visual.

Before I became deeply interested in people, I never realized how important language is in sculpting our perspective on life. And how limited it is. What I mean by that is that, languages in every region follow whatever belief was practiced, so the Japanese will have much more references to Zen Buddhism etc. I'm not a pro on the subject this, but I would recommend listening to Alan Watts talk about this. He's an eloquent human being.

So here's the question I ask a lot. Let's say I'm having a conversation about someone's belief and he/she says they feel strongly about a system they believe in or maybe something like spirituality or tantric sex or love.

I always ask them What does __________ mean to you exactly?

I say this with a very pure tone and intention.

And wow, I'm always blown away because I get to actually decipher how it is they came to create that thing that they hold so close to their heart and guess what? They become a bit open, and we share a moment of nakedness. Then we breathe in unity which is beautiful.

I always remind myself to do this because it always seems to work. Give it a shot and see if it works for you.


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