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So I've been to roughly 40 Mexican cities/towns so far, and I have had a few favorites. Every place is different having distinct people, activities or the natural beauty. Recently, I visited a city by accident, and it turned out to be my favorite because it had a combination of all three and more!

After I arrived Xalapa by hitchhiking, I got back in a groove and this time around, I hitchhiked from Xalapa to Orizaba which was approximately 145km. And holy shit, did that ride take a long time lol. This was my travel route: Xalapa -> Coatepec -> Huatusco -> Coscomatepec de Bravo -> Fortín de las Flores > Orizaba.

The hitchhike ride was a little boring and routine to be honest. I took a cheap bus to Coatepéc, and then I got two rides there with the longest one being with a trailer truck. The driver was extremely cool and told me a lot of cool facts about the plants that grow in Veracruz. I really started to like the state of Veracruz after getting greeted by so many nice people.

Arriving Orizaba

After I arrived Orizaba, I got greeted by my beautiful host and her incredible family. Holy shit were they awesome. The mom was such a sweetheart that I fell in love with her personality and soul.

The funny thing about them was that they were all Chemical Engineers which is so weird but cool at the same time. They practically know everything about Mexico, and they were fascinated with my country haha. I spit out a billion facts thanks to the research I did prior to leaving my country.

Cooking for my hosts

The best part was cooking food for them. I made homemade popcorn with coconut oil and also cooked a curry/coconut vegetable mix for them. My host's mom also went way out of her way to make some Pambazos for me which are some very simple sandwiches that are made from flour covered bread, and it has beans and cheese inside.

So I spent three days in Orizaba and walked around everywhere. I found out that the old president of Mexico lived there, and he was fixed on the idea of making his small city of Orizaba a must-visit place for tourists. So the entire city is filled with beautiful parks and a clean river running through the city. The city center is also incredibly clean and has a small building that was made by the same guy that designed the Eiffel Tower which is very interesting.

A natural lagoon

My favorite place, by far was the natural lagoon called Ojo de Agua that was in the outskirts of town. It was equipped with a dive board, and it was freezing cold which I loved!

In addition to all this, the entire city is basically within valleys, so it's beautiful. It also has the famous La Bestia train passing through. As a bonus, it also has a chair lift that comes down from a famous little mountain. How much nicer can a city be???

But yeah that sums up my experience in Orizaba. I learned a lot and I fell in love with the family that hosted me.


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