Enjoy the Apple

· 1 min read

Sorry I haven't been on here lately. I had a mini boxing match in my head and I think my ego is back to being the driver of the vehicle :(

I feel a bit disconnected at the moment, and it's likely because I'm thinking too much and not feeling enough.

Recently, I was thinking too much about my spiritual awakening which means I'm back to looking for answers and taking on the role of a scientist.

The good part is that I read something that stopped me immediately in my tracks which was this.

Why spend more time examining the apple instead of enjoying the taste of it?

Thanks to whoever wrote that on the internet. You may have just saved me from a shit storm.

This might also seem confusing while reading it but just know that in my attempt at just trying to be, I am failing because that's my ego trying.

The state of being is just there. It's empty.

When I was in this state, I felt an immense love for everything in the world and I felt connected to everything which brought about a deep sense of peace and calm.

I can still jump into this state at times, but it sucks that I can't transcend the ego on demand. But I will work on it!


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