Dancing Salsa with Friends

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I'm currently at a Havana Hostel in Cali, Colombia for a week, and it's been packed with a lot of new experiences and knowledge. I've been super focused on learning a fck ton of things which includes learning how to dance salsa, learning how to play the guitar and I ended up making some cool friends in the process. The only thing missing would be meeting a cute Colombian girl now haha.

Learning new things every day and having very cool people with good vibrations really does make any place good which has really shifted the way I see the country. I've had so much fun practicing the guitar and salsa dancing for many hours daily. Now I naturally look forward to it every single day.

So what's next?

Well, I'm definitely planning to spend a month more in Cali to perfect my dancing. So that means I'll probably spend my Christmas and new years here in Colombia which will be interesting because not many people host guests through couchsurfing. So I'll probably have to find another spot to volunteer.

Well, that's what's up. It's not as exciting as hitchhiking, but I guess after having a lot of high peaks, we can enjoy the dips filled with lots of chilling. I'm thinking of posting some very good travel tips, but I'm not sure if I should keep it here in my blog or make a more specific page for it which would require more time and energy. I think this chill period is exactly what I needed to get back in flow and open my mind and heart again :)

If the ideas flow along, I'll make it happen since I do have a lot of very good travel knowledge on how to travel on $3.00 USD a day and how to travel on a vegan diet now since I managed to solve both those problems.


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